Skycut V24 vinyl cutting Plotter

Skycut V24 Vinyl Cutting Plotter

1. Strong and slim Metal body which provides it a good look in whole V series.

2.  Has an outstanding cutting speed of 700mm/s helping you reach new heights of perfection.

3.  Pinch wheels with rubber which make it moves from one place to another easily.

4.  Multi-interface ports like USB, Hard drive, WIFI etc.

5.  Adjustable feeds for adjusting and grip providing.

Product Description

Skycut V24 Vinyl Cutting Plotter

V24 comes with a massive cutting force support of 2000 and adjustable pinch wheel feed for adjusting and gripping of material.
It has wide covering area for cutting which is suitable for wide range covering materials and also provide wheels stand for mobilizing it from one place to another.

Materials which can be used:

1.  High reflective materials.

2.  Various colour materials.

3.  Transparent materials.

4.  Any colour marks.