Skycut CA310 Phone Film Cutter

Skycut CA310 Phone Film Cutter

1. Only single 5000+ android model covering plotter in any series

2.  800G force for cutting, filming and drawing on materials.

3.  Multi-LED lighting support which help in working in night.

4.  3M Diamond reflective cutting for hard materials.

5.  No time command picking sensor with great accuracy and speed.

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Product Description

Skycut CA310 Phone Film Cutter

CA310 is a android operating plotter which can take commands from android and other interfaces like USB, Hard drive, WIFI etc too.
It can cut 3M diamond cutting films with a great quality and also comes with feature like contour camera, touch screen and metal body support etc.

Materials which can be used:

1.  High reflective materials.

2.  Various colour materials.

3.  Transparent materials.

4.  Any colour marks.