Skycut Phone Flim Software

Skycut Phone Flim software

1. Can work on any type of material from soft to hard and cut it smoothly without any roughness on any edges.

2.  As from customizing tools you can select size and quality which gives assurance of accuracy and clean working.

3.  Covers around 1000+ templates of each variation ( like mobiles, laptops, watches, glass protectors, etc.)

4.  Phone Flim software gives you +point of 360° protection for mobile phones which are so durable to protect your phone from both sides.

5.  Ready to go with any skycut plotter, lamination machine, inkjet printer, etc.

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Product Description

Skycut Phone Flim software

Phone Flim software is a skin software which helps to cut and customize skin, cover or glass protector with designer tools and various fonts to make them look cool and nice, it can give you any size of thickness, font, quality, and various design and other features to make your desired phone cover or glass protector.

Materials which can be used:

1.  High reflective materials.

2.  Various colour materials.

3.  Transparent materials.

4.  Any colour marks.