A3 MAX 4 High Speed

Skycut A3max 4 High Speed

1. Stack up to 150sheets ( depending on the material).

2.  Fully automatic tracking and positioning High Precision.

3.  Cutting Precision+/-0.01mm High Accuracy.

4.  Support Multiple Software Cutting Like Coral, Adobe illustrator, Sign-master.

5. 1400-1800 Sheet cutting capacity.

Product Description

Skycut A3max 4 High Speed

Auto Feeding System Automatic Feeding Becomes More Faster and More Stable, Double Row Roller Save Materials Four Margins With 5MM, Large Colorful Touch Screen with More Concise UI.
Good Display Quality With Extra Features.

Materials which can be used:

1.  High reflective materials.

2.  Various colour materials.

3.  Fabric Materials.

4.  EVA(Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate).