Skycut A3max 2 Auto Feeder

1. Auto contour camera for accuracy in cutting materials.

2.  1000G cutting force for easy and smoothing cutting of materials like Fabric etc.

3.  Capability of cutting 1800 sheets a day.

4.  Reflective materials which also provide you option of transparent material with variations on marks.

5. 170pcs auto feeding intelligence at a time smoothly and with accuracy.

Product Description

Skycut A3max 2 Auto feeder

A3 max 2 is a home-type plotter which comes with large touch screen feature which make it easy to use and handle, it is provided with collecting tray on the opening of plotter which assemble the cutting material in row and one upon one.
Professional industrial metal body for long durability and long lifetime with 1000G force cutting

Materials which can be used:

1.  High reflective materials.

2.  Various colour materials.

3.  Fabric Materials.

4.  EVA(Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate).